Why Choose Exakt.

Cost Savings

  • Made to Order
  • Import Direct
  • Trade and Wholesale Only
  • Certified to International Standards
  • Factory Prices


Through manufacturing in our China-based factories we are able to pass on to you significant cost savings to you.

China is the largest global marketplace to source quality raw materials at the lowest cost. In addition, China has a competitive labor market and Exakt Group maintains ownership in the factories we partner with.

This allows us to leverage business for our customers by providing them access to high-quality products, manufactured from high-quality materials, at a very low price.

We oversee all aspects of procurement, the manufacturing process, quality control, packaging, and shipment, which in turn reduces risk for our clients when importing from China.

Value through volume and frequency

Exakt Group representatives have built strong relationships with businesses worldwide. Through these relationships and consistency of shipment volume and frequency, our product pricing and quality is unparalleled.

Global accreditation

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