Why Choose Exakt.

Our Difference

  • Made to Order
  • Import Direct
  • Trade and Wholesale Only
  • Certified to International Standards
  • Factory Prices

Exakt Group is an Australian-owned company with our own manufacturing facilities in China. We sell directly from the factory, cutting out the middle man and all associated costs.

This means you no longer have to liaise with overseas manufacturers, while still ensuring you get exactly what you need, for a reasonable cost and in a suitable timeframe.

Our promise:

  • All our glass hardware adheres to international standards
  • All our hardware is fit for purpose
  • All your product specifications are met through a detailed quality assurance process
  • All Exakt products are engineered to high quality standards, tested, and certified

Speak to someone who understands you, every time

As native English speakers, we remove any issues associated with bi-lingual trade. We then manage the entire import process for you, from start to finish, ensuring you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Global accreditation

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